2.00mm Wire to Board Crimp Contact Connectors


Crimp contact Female and Male 1-row and 2-row versions, 2.00mm pitch, Compatible to the JST PH-series, E-tec offers the O-type 1-row, and the H-type 2-row compatible to the JST PHD-series. Both types only in THT (soldering technique), vertical and horizontal. For this purpose the matching plugs with crimp contacts, 1-row for AWG26 to AWG30, and 2-row for AWG22 to AWG28 cable. The E-tec C-type, 1-row THT (soldering technique) vertical and horizontal, as well as SMT (Surface Mount Technology), is compatible with the Tyco CT-series. Other 2.00mm pitch versions on request.

E tec



Part Number

CRX-x xx-X200-99


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